GreenLit Web Services | September – Productivity tip of the Month: 1Password
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September – Productivity tip of the Month: 1Password

What is 1password?

1password is an application created by Agilebits, a startup company specialized in encryption for the web. In a nutshell, 1password is a great password manager, enabling user to store multiple passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information with a single guarded master password.

How does it work?

• Go to the website and download the app
• Download the browser extension which will integrate 1Password with your browser and help you login with web sites.
• Create a master password with a hint so that you never forget it. You can decide to make it as simple or as complex as you like.
• You can choose categories to store all your accounts. For example, you could use the following: Logins, Secured notes, Wireless networks, Identities.
• Then for each category, add you accounts individually. You can also save them from your browser (if you downloaded the extension).
• You will then be able to generate 1 password for all your favorite applications or websites or widgets: Gmail, Facebook, Online banking, private notes etc.
• Alternatively, you can also download a browser extension on all your browsers. A key will appear at the top of the screen. By clicking on the key when a now login account comes will automatically store the website onto 1password. You may find it easier that way.

Why we use it?

  • 1Password is the best password manager and secure wallet available on the market. With a normal password, it can take a hacker 5 seconds to crack a password; but it can take several weeks with a generated 1password.
  • With 1password, you don’t need to type in your username and password when you want to login to a web site. Once you login to a web site for the first time, 1password will ask you if you want to save your username and password. Click yes and name your login. Next time you want to login to your site, just right click and select 1password from the pull-down menu, then select the name you saved that login under. 1password will enter the username and password for you and log you in
  • Login directly from 1Password: You can also start 1password, search for the web site you want to go to then double click on the icon.
  • 1password allow you to also store securely information about your mail account, FTP web site access, server … There are many categories availabl
  • 1password Synchs !! Get 1password for your iPhone /iPad and you will be able to login on your iPhone without typing the username and password. 1password uses fingerprint for authentication.

Things to keep in mind!

  • There is one time fee to use 1password.
  • As a Mac owner, you could buy the 1password on the app store.
  • As a Windows user, you should buy it from the website.
  • If you are both Mac and Pc user, you should buy it from the website.
  • Check here for pricing options:

Watch this simple video that explains how to install 1password on Mac:

Watch this tutorial on how to use 1password:

Watch this tutorial on how to synch the application on multiple devices:

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