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GreenLit: a place for ideas and success

Today, I have the great pleasure of launching the new GreenLit website! It marks a new milestone for our company existing since 1997.

We look to offer our clients – yes you – everything that our site is: a beautiful design, a friendly user-experience, a great web development platform and smart online marketing.

We are based in Los Angeles, a city fueled by creativity and ambition.With GreenLit, we seek to help ideas strike, emerge, and mature In a nutshell, we conceptualize, we materialize and we nurture our clients’ digital assets. We reinforce their brand, their identity and their online presence.

The digital world is a moving target. Yet, some things do not change: if something is good, it will stick! What we do is work together with our clients on projects that we are equally passionate about and make them grow like our own.

We bring our love for design, our love for the web and our love for all things digital to put tangible solutions out there that make a business or a project be more successful.

Are you a start-up or small business owner looking to develop your website, grow your online presence and improve your marketing opportunities? Are you an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a filmmaker, an artist, an architect, a restaurant owner, a chef, a bar tender, a fashion designer, a photographer, a pet sitter? Are you selling online or in a retail? Or do you do anything that require you to be visible online to grow your business? You name it! Then contact me at for a free consultation to assess your digital efficiency and find out how you could grow in the digital world.

It will be one less thing for you to worry about so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business or project.


Franck Leveneur – GreenLit

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