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The world is spending more and more time on their smartphones,so we choose to provide web designs that adapt to any screen or monitor in a seamless manner. Responsive (HTML5 based) design is imperative for success in this day and age. To emphasize this point,business to consumer retail on mobile phones reached 12 billion dollars in the U.S.alone last

year. And a recent poll showed that 85% of adults said that a company’s mobile site should be as good or better than their desktop site.


GreenLit offers three base web design packages, all of which are mobile ready:

WordPress Websites

“Theme Based Designs That ‘Wow’!”

WordPress is arguably the most powerful content management system on the market today. It allows users to easily interface with nuts and bolts of the website’s programming without requiring the user to have any coding skills at all. Once we install and set up your new WordPress site you can easily manage the content, (blogs, articles, photos) user accounts, mailing lists and much more.


Our WordPress Design Service is perfect for people and businesses who want a beautiful, multi-functional website at a very affordable price. The ability to easily scale up and augment WordPress websites through plugins as your business grows, makes WordPress the top choice for bloggers, online magazines, and small business around the world.

Prominent Features

  • Endless expansion plugins.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Tons of content management tools.
  • SEO ready ust fill out the fields.
  • The most widely used CMS platform, so documentation and support are a snap.

Ecommerce Websites

“Take your products or services global with an online store.”

Ecommerce has been rapidly growing over the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2014,$291 Billion dollars were generated by online shopping the United States alone!


You only get one chance to grab your shoppers’ attention and our clean, easy to navigate Prestashop Ecommerce storefronts are built to impress!

Prominent Features

  • Clean, beautiful designs.
  • Easy user interface. Load and change your products and details on
  • the fly.Secure Shopping Cart with seamless customer checkout.
  • Simple order tracking and processing.
  • Create mailing list for newsletters.
  • Client accounts database for coupons, rewards and marketing.

Customized Websites

“Stand out in a crowded world.”

A website is like a business card to the entire world. That is why we recommend our customized web designs for those who need to outshine the competition with a uniquely designed website. Our developers will work closely with you to build a site that represents the heart and soul of your business or online project. With 100% customized layout and functions, this site is truly yours.

Prominent Features

  • Unlimited initial design options.
  • Web Site tailored to the heart and soul of your business.
  • Reflects the image of your company not only visually but functionally.
  • Ready for growth and scalability.
  • Flexible and customizable back-end function capabilities (this site is a custom tool for your business or web project).
  • Back-end functionality can be tailored to your level of web knowledge.
  • SEO ready.
  • Outshines the competition by being different than all other websites.