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Optimization Services

Having a great website isn’t necessarily enough in this day and age. Just because your new website is awesome, doesn’t mean that people can easily find it yet. Your business deserves the best possible Return on Investment possible and to get this ROI, you need traffic being driven to your website. This is where SEO/SEM, Social Media and Onsite Web Optimization come into play.Google, Bing and Yahoo have changed their algorithms sufficiently and frequently over the last couple of years, negating the ‘old school’ methods of SEO. Companies can no longer cheat their way to the top by simply purchasing hundreds of thousands of irrelevant back-links to try and prove that they are popular. The days of black hat SEO are gone.The high market share Search Engines now look for a complex trifecta of optimization factors in websites. The layman’s

summarized version is:

  1. Compelling on-site content that is relevant to its marketplace and readers.
  2. This on-site content and other social media specific content being shared across various different social media channels, thus proving its relevance to the public in a ‘real world’ setting.
  3. On-site webpage optimization. This means that your ‘H’ tags, meta tags, alt tags, relevant keyword density, internal link structure and page load time are at the most optimal of parameters.

GreenLit provides its clients with industry leading, all-encompassing Digital Optimization services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Becoming an SEO expert is an extremely difficult task. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and changing its mind about what are the preferable and acceptable SEO practices. These changes lead to what or what not they will penalize individual websites for and what they will give higher rankings for.


There are so many moving pieces to search engine optimization that it can become quite overwhelming. Inbound links and referrals, internal link structure, correct keyword market research, optimized content and the list goes on.

GreenLit starts with a comprehensive website audit to properly identify how to help your business rank higher for its most important keywords, both locally and nationally/internationally.


Let our experts manage the plethora of moving pieces for you. We’ll track improvements over the short and long-term with our easy to comprehend reporting tools as we get your rankings higher and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

“Social Media is its own beast. It shouldn’t be treated as traditional advertising.”

SMO is becoming increasingly more important with each passing day. With the amount of time that people are spending on social media, it is now where the lion’s share of your market is hanging out.


Some of our clients feel that social media management is time consuming and they are not quite sure if they are effectively using the tools available to them. We give you the help you need through community management –a trending and effective way to build your online presence.

Social media is 90% communication. Are you effectively communicating with your audience? Many agencies try to use the same old advertising techniques with their social media campaigns and end up struggling. GreenLit uses innovative techniques to create social media content that works within its medium to build brand awareness and bring your business goals to reality.

Webpage Optimization

“Speed is a killer.”

Page load time can be a huge factor in a website’s success. When a user is sitting there waiting for a slow page to load, they are likely to exit out and move on. Not only did they not view anything you have to offer, but a Google metric called, ‘bounce rate’ is also affected. When a visitor exits your website quickly, the algorithms picks up on this and decides that your site must not have had relevant content or services related to the user’s search results. This information is reported and directly relates poorly towards your future search engine rankings.

How does this affect your bottom line? Google, Bing and Yahoo will begin to direct traffic to other sites instead of yours and 79% of online shoppers who have trouble with page performance stated that they will not return to that website for future business. This must be avoided at all cost.


Greenlit analyzes and optimizes your website so that your visitors get the information they are looking for faster. Thus, keeping them on your site for longer, allowing you an opportunity for conversion and improving your status with the big search engines.