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We are located in Los Angeles, California, a vibrant city of many creative entrepreneurs and start ups! We are committed to help small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures succeed. We provides the highest standards in web solutions such as Branding, Website Design and Implementation, and Marketing. Our portfolio of clients is diverse and our skills very versatile. At GreenLit, we draw pride from nurturing long-lasting business relationships built on trust & integrity.


Because we’re passionate about design, the web, and technologies. And because we love to “wow” our customers, to create a great product which will in turn attract great clients.

For each project, we discover, we strategize, we design, we optimize and we wow. We take pride in our work and our customer satisfaction is our biggest reward.


We don’t try. We do.


our customers

Delighting our customers

We believe that every single client/consultant interaction should build upon the foundation of responsive, reliable and reputable service. Ensuring that our clients have a positive experience in their relationship with GreenLit is of the utmost importance to our company and every single team member on board. Each GreenLit representative is dedicated to identifying our client’s true needs and addressing any questions or concerns in a timely, responsive manner —this must be what motivates our team members and is highly rewarded by GreenLit.

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trust and integrity design

Trust & Integrity

Working together as a team is paramount, not only within our own workforce but with our clients as well. This unique kind of collaboration is integral to our methodology, allowing GreenLit to share in the client’s vision and purpose. A shared vision allows for a greatly expanded level of creativity and gives GreenLit ability to provide custom-tailored solutions that push far beyond client expectations.

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collaboration and creativity

Collaboration & Creativity

Through trust, integrity and longevity we at GreenLit can secure specific, desired business outcomes and better help our clients achieve their goals, both short and long-term. It is for this reason that we believe in and strive to maintain long-term relationships with both our clients and valued partners. Such relationships are built upon solid foundations of trust and are preferable for all of those involved.

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sharing knowledge

Sharing our knowledge

Each and every day web based technologies advance. Not only do new and independent technologies emerge, but existing applications and systems develop further to push the limits of other existing technologies on a constant basis. GreenLit is keenly aware of this fact. So, we make it our mission to stay ahead of the learning curve and keep up-to-date with arriving technologies and tools.

GreenLit seeks out and rewards team members and partners who are motivated by a strong desire to learn. We believe in making our ever-updating knowledge base available to our staff, partners, associates and clients so that we all may continue to increase our capabilities, understanding and practical value when it comes to web-based tools.

GreenLit’s resolute commitment to adapt to changing environments (social, economic and technological) and sustained learning throughout our lives is a key factor in our ability to consistently provide cutting edge solutions, products and services to our clients.

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fun web design

Have fun

When a little bit of fun gets the synaptic nerves firing double time, creativity ensues. We believe that a fun workplace leads to increased productivity and ingenuity, better teamwork, and an over-all better attitude. All of which translate into happy clients and better business relationships.

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