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GreenLit Design specializes in web design and web hosting for medium or small businesses. We are innovative and possess no boundaries in thinking, ideas, and approaches to solutions which allow us to quickly grasp your project requirements and deliver results to you within the agreed time frames. We take pride in delivering quality. Our professional team brings along the experience and expertise necessary in guaranteeing you the best solutions and customer service for your business. We also offer remote DBA services for MS SQL and Mysql (Database optimization, architecture, index tuning, database recovery etc...)



2008/04/10 – Los Angeles – Greenlit Design presents our latest addition, Erick Ifergan (www.erickiferganphotography.com).

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2008/03/10 – Los Angeles – Launch of Alain Gourrier (www.gourrier.com).

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2008/02/15 – Los Angeles – Greenlit Design presents Stephen Danelian (www.stephendanelian.com).

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